Hi, my name is Lif, and she is definitely my alter go. I am a Tangerang-based  paediatric surgeon who happened to love beauty and home making. I make this blog because I need to “decompress” myself after doing surgical service in operating room/ICU- and because I love to do research (aka internet surfing! =) ) on skincare and makeup. Oh, I do a bit of cooking too.

I am married to a wonderful guy, and we live at Bintaro, an area in Southern Tangerang in Indonesia.

Comments? Questions? Please drop it anywhere here!

Until later,


Your friendly ped surgeon/self proclaimed beauty blogger/coffee addict/


  • I am no dermatologist, and my review and writing here is based on my extensive readings, searching, trying stuffs here and there. Not from dermatology training.
  • Studies about certain products usually tells certain effects on something (be it animal lab, human, hormone disruption etc) does not always affect policy. If the research is done  massively, or highly systematic or the result is giving serious impact, then usually it will change a nation’s policy on certain products. 
  • Unless stated otherwise, I create graphics here by myself and copying pictures from cosmetics official website. 
  • Comments and discussion are encouraged. I really appreciate this.
  • Here are websites that I usually trust as my source:
    • fda.gov
    • ewg.org
    • smartskincare.com
    • aad.org
    • cosdna
    • dailymed.nlm.nih.gov


  • Saya bukan dokter kulit. Jadi, tulisan dan review saya di sini berdasarkan mbaca jurnal, website resmi, dan mencoba produk.
  • Studi mengenai suatu produk yang menyatakan produk X memiliki efek Y, nggak akan selalu mempengaruhi kebijakan badan obat dan pangan. Kecuali memang risetnya besar, sistematis dan efeknya cukup penting.
  • Kecuali dicantumkan lain, saya bikin grafik, article dan foto saya sendiri atau ngambil dari situs resmi produk. Kalau ingin menyalin, please cantumin sumbernya.
  • Komentar? Diskusi? Silakan tulis di blog ini. Saya sangat menghargai hal tsb.
  • Situs yang sering saya jadikan bahan referensi:
  • fda.gov
  • ewg.org
  • smartskincare.com
  • aad.org
  • cosdna
  • dailymed.nlm.nih.gov

Thank you so much for dropping by at my blog. 

Makasih sudah berkunjung ke blog ini!


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